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August 26, 2004 - A wildfire threatened the residence of Gary Schmidt and the fire department refused Schmidt access to try and save his own property. When such a threatening situation occurs, it is a historical fact that neighbors band together to help save each others property, yet such an attempt was stifled in total contempt of the clearly stated Nevada Constitution that any person has the right to defend and/or save personal and real property. To this date the fire department and accountable public officials have refused to respond to the law or the liability that they assumed when ignoring the law. Gary R. Schmidt lost his home and unreplacable personal property with two working fire engines on that property at the time. This is but one of the many situations that have manifested from County Commissioners ignoring law. These out of (citizen) control situations are the very reason that Schmidt is offering his candidacy for the position of County Commissioner - District 5. If for one second you hesitate to believe that such a situation as the Andrews Lane fire exists; read and see the following:

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