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August 26, 2004 - A wildfire threatened the residence of Gary Schmidt and fiancee Mary Bartell, Brent and Ada Danner and others yet the fire department refused them access to try and save their own properties. When such a threatening situation occurs, it is a historical fact that neighbors band together to help save each others property. Such an attempt was stifled in total contempt of the clearly stated Nevada Constitution that any person has the right to defend and/or save personal and real property. To this date the fire department and accountable public officials have refused to respond to the law or the liability they assumed when ignoring the law. These citizens lost their homes and irreplaceable personal property. This is but one of the many situations that have manifested from County Commissioners ignoring law. These out of (citizen) control situations are the very reason that Schmidt is offering his candidacy for the position of County Commissioner - District 5. If for one second you hesitate to believe that such a situation as the Andrews Lane fire exists, watch this video. One Hour - $20 Donation (Order/Donation Form)


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Guest Gary Schmidt after being active in a citizen capacity to monitor the activities of local governments, now plans to serve the people by running for County Commissioner. The intricacies and sometimes absurdities of local government is discussed and explained. The main question brought forth is why do government bodies go out of their way to camouflage their activities? Another question is when did government change to that of a servant of the people to a business for the benefit of major local "friends" rather than the people. Governments out of control is putting it mildly. It is time to return governments at all levels to their servant capacity originally intended. One Hour - $20 Donation (Order/Donation Form)



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Guest Gary Schmidt has a long-standing history of challenging elected public officials and their staff to obey their own laws. For this he is being ridiculed and chastised by those same officials. Gary's uniqueness comes from the fact that he is persistent and successful in the courts. Attorney Glade Hall who has assisted in exposing government misconduct joins Gary. Actual videos of county officials attempting to belittle these efforts are shown. Also included is the brief story of Nevada ranchers and their famed billboard placed on Interstate-80 advising people of private property encroachment by the Bureau of Land Management along with pictures of their misconduct and a challenge to them to publicly answer accountability questions. All those present on this discussion present many comments and information in regards to public rights and documents. One Hour - $20 Donation (Order/Donation Form)


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Discussion centers around elected officials and judges. Actual events, facts and situations that have a direct negative effect on the very people they are supposed to be serving are explained along with the reasons that citizens at best should be outraged. 50 Minutes - $20 Donation (Order/Donation Form)


"Deep Caucus"

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Juanita Cox with guest Gary Schmidt discuss the ramifications of "caucus discussions" and disregard for state/county laws and ordinances that the Washoe County have been regularly holding for over 12 years. Most citizens believe that their own elected officials act in their best interest and indeed that should be the case. But when those elected feel that they can conduct unauthorized meetings to decide county actions that effect those citizens without their participation, the whistle must be blown and blown loudly. Some who have seen this presentation dismiss it as whining. If you believe that to be the case then you shouldn't have any problem with the county knocking on your door with a list of instructions on what you can and can't do with your own private property and how you must conduct your life in the future. One Hour - $20 Donation (Order/Donation Form)


"Washoe County's Secret Agenda"

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Juanita Cox and Gary Schmidt discuss and show clips of Washoe County Commission meetings on August 16, 2005 and August 23, 2005 where the Commissioners are very confused when they do their "Consent Agenda". This is where sometimes more that a million dollars is spent without much discussion and passed as one item. If you are one of the millions of Americans who feel that their elected officials are somehow more wise than you and work with your best interests in mind then you must witness this spectacle. One Hour - $20 Donation (Order/Donation Form)


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Congressional candidate Sharron Angle enlightens viewers on the "Angle Property Tax Restraint Initiative" and what it means to property owners in Nevada. Gary Schmidt, member of the Washoe County Board of Equalization further confirms the need for control of tax growth and equitable and fair distribution of tax assessments. This is a must see for all Nevadans interested in controlling a tax hungry government. One Hour - $20 Donation (Order/Donation Form)

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