Community Activities and Commitments

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Highlights of Gary R. Schmidt’s Community Contributions

Nov. 17, 2005 (RN&R) - Schmidt recalls a time during the 1970s when the Mount Rose Highway corridor was still a rustic mountain road. He would ride his snowmobile clear down to South Virginia Street to pick up Reindeer Lodge stragglers. (Complete Story)

   Oct. 5, 2005  (NLTB) - "Why are they having this at the Cal Neva for a little retreat?" Schmidt asked. "It should be in downtown (Reno) with bus service free for the public so they can give feedback. "Instead there's a $50-per-plate dinner with all the government officials on Monday night paid for by your tax dollars. And all these subcommittees discussing ways to nitpick, when our tax dollars should be spent figuring out regional planning issues like sewage, water and roads." (Complete Story)

May 9, 2005 (RGJ) - More than 55 people squeezed into the room Monday for a briefing on the commission’s agenda. Citizen activist Gary Schmidt asked Roy Slate, Reno Fire Department division chief, if the crowd violated the fire code for room-occupancy standards. (Complete Story)

    Feb. 12, 2004 (RN&R) - By Gary Schmidt: The building of the proposed Triple-A ballpark in Sparks' suburbs will compete with downtown businesses and redevelopment--rather than complement and support them--in both Reno and Sparks. The development of this ballpark anywhere except on the artery between Reno and Sparks will mark the death blow to successful redevelopment of downtown Reno, downtown Sparks and the old Highway 40 corridor. (Complete Story)

Feb. 5, 2004 (RN&R)  For the largest part, members of the community have taken a wait-and-see attitude, but one man, Gary Schmidt, longtime owner of the Reindeer Lodge and recent addition to Washoe County's Board of Equalization, has said the area isn't only making an error by placing the stadium at the marina, it could also be sacrificing the redevelopment game for the entire region. "When you are talking about a project that will use more than $30 million of county tax dollars, and when you are talking about a project that will draw people from all of northern Nevada, it's a regional issue," Schmidt said. "The region should place it, and we should place it in the most appropriate place for the entire region. Near Fourth Street is the ideal location. There are several spots near Fourth Street or Prater Way with great freeway access and visibility." (Complete Story)

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