While there have been substantial improvements in compliance with State Law in regards to Public Records Requests, there remain organizations within the County that are still abusive and defiant in regards to said compliance.  This includes the District Attorney’s Office itself, which continues to defy and ignore the Public Records Laws.  I am continuing my efforts to force the “holdouts” to comply with the Public Records Laws of this State.

 I am continuing my efforts to force (or convince) the County to remove those sections of County Code that purport to make certain government records confidential.  Said Code sections remain and are not in compliance with the A.G.’s opinion No. 2002-32, which I caused to be rendered.

 The Washoe Board of County Commissioners regularly violates the Open Meeting Law regulations.  I have begun an effort to raise the profile of their violations and educate and inform them through the utilization of the Attorney General’s Office and the Courts to effectuate and force their compliance in the future.  Said efforts will also be made related to the City of Reno’s and some Regional Bodies of Government’s Open Meeting Law violations.

 I have begun an effort to force a variety of State Agency’s to improve their compliance with the Public Records Laws.

 As a result of the loss of my home, family pet chow dog Xion (she-on), and the entire contents of my home including priceless family photos, documents, and heirlooms, as well as similar losses of other individuals in that fire, such as Jerry Wright who suffered a similar loss including all his family pets (two dogs and three cats), all due to the gross negligence and failures to follow the law by Emergency Officials; I am engaged in Public awareness efforts, private investigations, and civil actions to help ensure that other persons do not suffer the needless pain and sufferings and violations of their rights that Jerry Wright, I, and others were made to suffer as a result of the acts and omissions of Officials during that fire.

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