Long Time Owner/Operator of Historic Reindeer Lodge

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   Nov. 17, 2005 (RN&R) - Schmidt recalls a time during the 1970s when the Mount Rose Highway corridor was still a rustic mountain road. He would ride his snowmobile clear down to South Virginia Street to pick up Reindeer Lodge stragglers. (Complete Story)    

  Fall 2004 (RM) - WHAT GIVES AN AREA ITS SPECIAL FLAVOR, its unique personality? Is it box stores, freeways, strip malls, fast food gorge-a-toriums? Or is it those occasional quirky little corners that lend anywhere a taste of something different...  (Complete Story)

July 25, 2003 (RGJ) - Gary Schmidt, longtime owner of the funky old Reindeer Lodge on the Mount Rose Highway, wants to throw a party... (Complete Story)

Nov 22, 2001 (RN&R)  With the first good snowfall, the Reindeer Lodge will rouse from post-Labor Day dormancy and bound into the winter season, carrying on a tradition that resists the homogenization of the Mount Rose Highway corridor...  (Complete Story)

June 1991 - (Tahoe Reader) - YUPPIES & REDNECKS & HIPPIES, OH MY! (Complete Story)

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