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Subject: Opinion on Bonnie Weber re-election
 Unresponsiveness to constituents:
Ballardini isn't the only problem Weber faces Ignoring important issues and constituents in the North Valleys has 
left a bad taste and a long memories towards County Commission incumbent Bonnie Weber. 
 Last July, North Valley residents were having difficulties with 9-1-1 and sheriff slow or nonexistent response to 
disturbances and dangers in the area.  In July of 05, a complaint was made directly to the Sheriff's office and to 
Bonnie Weber's office regarding the 9-1-1 / Sheriff lack of response. There was a silver lining, the issue became a rallying 
point for neighbors to create a neighborhood watch, and a discrepancy in reporting problems in the system was identified,  
addressed and rectified between the Sheriff and the Emergency Communications system. All this without Bonnie Weber's 
involvement, help or interest.
By the afternoon of the same day the complaint was lodged, the Sheriff's office had started an inquiry, contacted the 
complainant and began to rectify the problem. Bonnie Weber did not respond.
 In July, the North Valley's Citizens Advisory Board contacted and invited the complainant to present the issue to 
the CAB. On July 11, the issue was brought before them during the public comment time. Bonnie Weber still had 
not responded. Bonnie Weber was not even there.
 In August, the N.V. Citizens Advisory Board had placed the issue on their agenda. Bonnie Weber was present during 
this meeting. Half way through the presentation and discussion of the issue, it was as if Ms. Weber had just awakened. 
She started asking questions that indicated she had not been listening up to that point since the discussion had already 
covered the points she queried. She acted as if this was the first she had heard of it when the complainant reminded 
her that she had been notified the same day the original complaint was lodged with the Sheriff Office.
 She responded that she has a high volume of correspondence and she must have missed it when it was sent to her. 
She asked to have it re-sent, which was done the next day. Bonnie then promised to bring the issue up with the 
commission and asked the complainant if he would make himself available to share the experience with the commission, 
to which he agreed and gave her his contact information. At that time Weber was invited to meet with the newly formed 
Neighborhood Watch group that resulted from this issue. 
The CAB decided to pursue the issue further in September's meeting. Weber never responded to the re-sent complaint, 
nor did she show up to meet with the neighborhood watch, And the complainant was never contacted to arrange an 
appearance to the County Commission. As a result of the August CAB, representatives from Emergency Communications 
contacted the complainant. An agreement was reached to bring the issue to the September CAB meeting.
In September, the representatives from 9-1-1 appeared with the Sheriff's office and Bonnie Weber was present and 
much more engaged in the discussion. The same promise to bring the issue to the County Commission was made. 
By October, Weber was still promising to place the issue on the Commission's agenda. Emergency Communications 
and the Sheriff's office were engaged and addressing the problem. Bonnie Weber never met with the Neighborhood Watch 
group, never acknowledged receiving the original 9-1-1 complaint, never contacted the complainant to appear 
and apparently never brought the issue to the commission.
Part of what this issue brought out is that the Sheriff's office is understaffed. There is only one or two deputies available 
to patrol an area from Sun Valley to the California Border. There is a limited number of patrol cars, equipment and 
deputies available, largely due to budget cuts driven by Ms. Weber.
Doug R. 

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