Ballardini may hurt incumbents - I certainly hope so!

Dear Editor, I believe the Ballardini Ranch fiasco to be the least of Ms. Weber’s problems.

Frankly, I have picked my candidate and it was easy. We have Schmidt, a man who reads the law, believes that what it says is what it means, expects others to comply and refreshingly he insists that elected officials obey the same laws as he. His website doesn’t present promises to the citizens on what he will do if elected. Instead it has articles, appearances and accomplishments that he has already done that benefit the citizenry. If he is already working for us, knows our Rights and how to protect them, why not give him a paycheck?

In fairness I visited Ms. Weber’s website. It is full of promises, but short on accomplishments. One alarming picture of her in particular was at the nations capital in front of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution with a caption stating “My favorite documents.” This is ludicrous after watching her state in a Commissioners meeting that she didn’t know the difference between the 1st an 2nd Amendments, and then in an effort to minimize that proclamation she said that it didn’t matter anyway because State Law, trumps the Constitution. There was only one newspaper article about her on her website, yet a media search turned up many, however most were not exactly favorable. Making her paycheck good, appears to be a citizen back-breaker.

The website of Mr. Fink presented only the usual yada, yada promises on one page with his main accomplishment, raising five daughters. Truly an admirable feat, but falls short of government service to the people. I’m not saying that he is a bad guy, but there was little information readily available to prove he is a good guy.

District 5 is my main concern, so I only checked out these particular candidates and it was easy since their websites were all their names. (,   I would suggest, with the issues facing the citizens of Washoe County, that voters examine the qualifications of candidates in their District. When you employ a liar or thief dishonoring your rights and property in the private sector, you can fire them, whereas with elected officials you must wait for their term to run out to stop the fleecing. By this time, your life is slow and your breathing fast. Do not allow your vote to be based on the number of signs placed or the promises made. Get to know your candidates qualities personally. 

Dennis Grover, American  

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