Gary R. Schmidt

Republican Candidate--Dist. 5—Washoe Co. Commissioner

(home/office) 775-674-2008

Thursday, June 12th, Gary Schmidt, Republican Candidate for County Commission District 5 (also current member of the Washoe County Board of Equalization) and Tom Koziol who recently resigned from the Washoe County Board of Equalization to become a Libertarian candidate for the Office of County Assessor were in attendance at the Nevada State Supreme Court.  The full Court heard oral arguments on the Incline Village property assessment issue.   

The Washoe County Board of Equalization in 2003 prior to either Schmidt's or Koziol's appointment to the BOE, had sided with the Assessor's Office and found that the Assessor's Office was following the law and the proper procedures in regards to the Incline Village assessments. But, in 2005 on a motion made by Schmidt and seconded by Koziol that was carried by a 4 to I vote, the Board of Equalization determined and found that the Assessor's Office was not following the law or the proper procedures under essentially the same circumstances.

Gary Schmidt said, "It appeared clear to me by the questions asked by the justices that they all clearly understood the issues and the law and I will predict that they will rule similar to the 2004 County Board of Equalization and find in support of the two District Court Judges and rule in favor the Incline Village Group, but we will have to wait and see".

Koziol thought that the Justices appeared critical of both the Assessor's Office and the State Tax Commission. Koziol stated, "I am running for the Office of County Assessor because I clearly understand the issues and the problems.  I feel they can not be addressed or solved by insiders within the Assessor's Office such as my two opponents--the Republican Candidate and the Democratic Candidate.  To date, they have also failed to prevent or resolve the great disputes and controversy."

Gary Schmidt declared his support for Tom Koziol for the Office of County Assessor and stated, "From my experience working with Tom on the Board of Equalization, I know that he understands the issues and problems and I have every confidence that he can clean up the current mess in the Assessor's Office. The other two candidates from inside the Assessor's Office were and are, unwittingly or not, simply part of the problem and not the solution!"

The Court Room overflowed into the lobby and there was an abundance of T.V. and print media present. This is one of the highest profile civil cases to come before the State Supreme Court in some time.  The Court listened to the oral arguments and took the matter under submission and indicated it would be between two and six months for them to publish their ruling and order.

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