Gary Schmidt - Dist. 5 W.C. Commissioner

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 May 18, 2006

 Gary Schmidt Filed for Washoe Co. Commission—District 5!

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Gary Schmidt, a community activist and noted public records and open meeting law advocate, a current member of the Washoe County Board of Equalization, a thirty-five year property owner and businessman in Washoe County, and longtime owner of the Reindeer Lodge, filed for Washoe County Commissioner-District 5 (R), Thursday, May 11th.

"Government should be of the people, by the people, and for the people--not over the people," he said. "Current government officials have forgotten that concept."  Gary believes that too often County Government is doing things "to the people instead of for the people."  "Current elected officials tend to ignore the WILL and WISDOM of the people."  Gary said, “The people understand the issues and they have real solutions to real problems—their government just has to learn to listen to them!”  "Which one of the two words, PUBLIC SERVANT, is it, they don't understand?"  Schmidt believes, "that far too often the government can't solve the problem but that the government IS the problem!"

Mr. Schmidt lost his home on Nielson Road in the Andrew Lane fire two years ago.   Schmidt claims his home and five others were lost due to the negligence of County fire respondents.  Because of ongoing disputes in regards to fire issues, Schmidt has been unable to rebuild on the Nielson site.  In recent months Mr. Schmidt has moved to Gerlach.  Schmidt has also purchased a second home/office in Sun Valley.  Both properties are in District 5. 

Mr. Schmidt started his professional career with a B.A. degree in Economics as a computer software designer in Silicon Valley, Calif. In the 1960's.  He went into business for himself and moved to Washoe County in the early 70's.  Mr. Schmidt has been active in Real Estate management and development, in tourist and recreation activities and in the entertainment production industry.  Schmidt has been an active member of the Washoe Co. Board of Equalization for the past several years.  The board of The Village League to Save Incline Assets just endorsed Gary for Co. Commissioner.  “The League” is the group who has successfully brought several Court actions against Washoe County and the Assessor for property assessment issues.

 Gary Schmidt has always been a strong advocate for a rural lifestyle and the preservation of property rights that have historically been foundations for our quality of life in Nevada.  Gary experienced the devastating effects of unchecked runaway sprawl in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 60’s and 70’s.  He has been active in trying to prevent the same devastation in the Truckee Meadows.

 For years, Mr. Schmidt has regularly attended and been a public speaker at commission and other meetings.  It is said that Schmidt has a better attendance record at Washoe County Commission meetings than many of the elected officials!  Mr. Schmidt states, "I know the players and the game!"  "I am ready and willing to work hard to turn the government back over to the people and promise to defend and protect the Citizens from their own government!"  "Washoe County needs a change," Gary Schmidt said.  "Citizens need a better informed and educated, a common sense, rational, business minded, more dedicated and serious Commissioner for Dist. 5."   “I am that Commissioner!” 

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