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October 2009 -

Car Collector Alert To all Hot August Nights fans and Northern Nevada Antique Power Club members and supporters.

On Tuesday, October 27th, at 6 PM in the Washoe County Commission Chambers at 1001 9th Street in Reno the Washoe County Commission shall have the “second reading” of a new County Ordinance (Bill No. 1597) which will have a profound effect on and consequences in regards to the hobby of Classic and Collectable Car and Tractor ownership and restoration.

Among other new far reaching restrictions and regulations on Washoe County residents property rights, life styles, and personal activities, it would limit the number of unregistered, partially dismantled, inoperable, or stored vehicles on any parcel of property in Washoe County (Unincorporated) to a maximum of two, whether inside or outside of a building. Additionally, these two permitted vehicles would have to be screened from any public view including adjoining private property or housed within a building This would mean you could not have two “parts vehicles” and one restoration project anywhere in Washoe County (unincorporated) even inside a barn, private shop, or garage, because that is three vehicles.

This new regulatory code is fully recommended by and supported by the Washoe County Planning staff even though a Citizen’s Committee that met twice a month for almost two years was unanimously opposed to such onerous abusive new regulation. The Citizen’s Committee recommended not regulating functioning tractors and equipment, not restricting vehicles inside a building, and not classifying operable vehicles as inoperable or junk just because they did not have current registration. They also recommended greater numbers of actual inoperable vehicles for larger rural parcels.

Unbelievably, the new code would also declare that any piece of motorized equipment that can be driven by an individual such as farm tractors, snowmobiles, backhoes, etc. would also be classified and defined as said “inoperable/junk/unregistered vehicles” and said vehicles would receive the same maximum two per parcel with screening restriction.

Further the Washoe County Commission less than two months ago already placed into law the authority to fine any violators up to 400 dollars for each violation of this new code, has defined each new inspection as potentially a new violation, and has authorized a tax type lien on the so called “violating property’ with the fines so imposed.

It is imperative that persons express any concerns they may have in regards to this pending matter through phone calls, letters, faxes, and e-mails to their elected officials, the County Manager’s Office, The Department of Community Development (Washoe Planning), and the media. The key architect and proponent of this outrage is Bob Webb, Washoe County Department of Community Development Planning Manager.

It is ironic that Washoe County, host county to the greatest Collectable Car and Hot Rod show event in the world, Hot August Nights, is making it difficult, if not impossible, to legally build one here. Get involved and show up at the meeting and support the reasonable recommendations of the Citizen’s Committee. Drive or trailer your classic car or tractor down to the meeting. All TV channels should be there. Perhaps a protest parade may be in order.

Gary R. Schmidt - 775-246-3822, 775-622-4670,,,,,,,


October 28th 2009 -

Car Collector Alert To all Hot August Nights fans and Northern Nevada Antique Power Club members and supporters.

MANY THANKS TO ALL WHO ATTENDED the County Commission meeting on Tuesday evening (October 27) and those who could not make it but sent in emails and made phone calls on the so-called "junk" vehicle ordinance proposal. It was a great victory for car enthusiasts, backyard mechanics, family values, property rights, and just generally for those opposed to onerous, excessive , intrusive, and oppressive, interference and meddling in people's personal life's and life style choices by bureaucrats gone berserk. Over two hundred people showed up to express support for the Citizen's Committee's work on the new nuisance ordinance and convinced the County Commission to set aside the irrational and abusive new regulations that were proposed by Adrian Freund and Carl Bob Webb of Community Development. Many thanks to the Citizen's Committee members that showed up to rebuke the Community Development's proposals as not being in keeping with the Citizen's recommendations.

After nearly a four hour meeting with a couple of hours of public testimony the Commission rejected the arbitrary and capricious recommendation to limit the number of unregistered or inoperable vehicles on any parcel of property in Washoe County (Unincorporated) to two and instead instructed the staff to come back in December with a redraft of the ordinance that does NOT limit the number of such vehicles on parcels as long as they are in a building or screened from public view behind vegetation or a fence. The Commission also instructed staff to change the definition that staff had proposed for the term "vehicle" to exclude tractors and like equipment; dragsters and racecars; and sand buggies; and other off road toys. Under the new direction from the Commission, these will not be regulated.

Trust me. I have been at this business of attempting to assist "We the People" in regulating and controlling OUR government for many years. This startling reversal could never have happened without the tremendous outpouring and response (and outrage) from the citizens. Job well done and thanks again. Now stay involved. Tell more people. The jobs not over till the paperwork is done. There is another "First Reading" now scheduled for December 8 and then a "Second" and hopefully final reading in January under the now new rational rules. It is not time to be asleep at the wheel. We do not want to get "end run'ed" again. Send me your email address with a line or two on what area you live in and your interest and I will keep you updated. And always remember, Far too often the government can't solve the problem; far too often the government is the problem.

Thanks again

Gary "No Bull" Schmidt - - 775-246-3822, 775-622-4670

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